Amaveram Cuniculum

Misled by a Situation Out of her Hands, this Warlock Now Fights Under the Banner of an Eccentric Ideal, surrounded in Cabbage and Carrots.


Heroic Class: Warlock Lv. 1

Ability Scores
STR: 10
CON: 14
DEX: 8
INT: 13
WIS: 10
CHA: 20

AC: 11
FORT: 12
REF: 12
WILL: 16

Hit Points
HP: 26

-Standard Adventuring Kit
-Standard Wand


-Eldritch Blast
-Misty Step
-Warlock’s Curse

Encounter Powers
-Infernal Wrath

Daily Powers
-Curse of the Dark Dream

Lvl 1- Amulet of Protection
Lvl 2- Veteran’s Leather Armor +1
Lvl 3- Rod of Corruption +1

Physical Appearance

Ama, as many shorten her name to, looks as though she is not full-blooded tiefling. In fact…she’s not. Her half-eladrin blood shows through her pale, flesh-toned skin, her slightly pointed ears, and her shorter-than-average horns and tail. She is still a tiefling, however, and will identify herself as such.

Her hair is a deep purple color, though very frizzy and out of control. She has it pulled back against her scalp, ending in a massive POOF of hair that looks somewhat crazy. This POOF starts, of course, where her hair is marked with small, black, wooden beeds, to keep the rest of her hair from flying in every direction. On top of the flat part of her hair are her horns, which can only be described as like those of a Springbok (See This Link Here For Refference ). Her eyes are of a faded gold color, and slanted so that the ends closest to her nose are higher than the other side, giving her a constant worried look. Over those, of course, are her glasses, cracked on one side.

The rest of her body is lanky and long, very thin, almost as though she had been raised in an area where daily meals were a luxury. Her long hands and fingers match this, as does her slightly space-y nature. It’s not uncommon to find her staring off into space from time to time, muttering to herself about “Rabbit Lords” and “Spreading the Word of the Cabbage Kings.”

Her clothes are mostly loose and flowing, even in leather armor. Most of these she dyes, herself, purple with gold accents, and makes to fit her the way she feels most comfortable. And, by most comfortable, I mean lose enough to see all of her shoulders and to see the top-most of her only tattoo: That of a rabbit’s head, large enough to spread over her entire back, the ears reaching up to her shoulderblades. On one of the ears, a crown is rested around, and even the eyes of the rabbit seem…power-hungry.


Ama’s birth was of less than glorious standings. Her father, a high-ranking Eladrin Wizard, had hired her mother, a Tiefling prostitute, one evening for “a taste of the poor-caste’s hookers.” This, in the end, produced Ama, a Tiefling who’s “stereotypical features” were less than prominent. Her mother still raised the bastard child, and even the father (blackmailed by the mother, of course) visited monthly to check in on his love-child. Life wasn’t horrible, for that of a Tiefling prostitute and her bastard daughter in the slums of the center city, and they got by however they could (mostly blackmail aimed at the wizard, and trying to get him to pay one gold a month to take care of Ama. This did not always work as planned, however.)

Being from the slums, Ama knew the in’s and the out’s of the streets. While she was not “experienced” as her mother was, she knew what not to do in certain situations, concerning the slums. When times were tough, she knew who to steal from, when, and what to do if caught. She wasn’t the best street-rat in the world, but…she knew her way around. Part of her failings, however, were due to a fall when she was an infant, landing on her head. This resulted in her becoming “soft in the head” a little, giving her a space-y disposition and a weakness of guilibility.

This is ever so clear in the event that occured only a few years ago, that caused her entire life to shift. Running home from a successful pilfering of a cabbage cart, she stumbled into several thugs, most of them racist against Tieflings. They proceeded to mug her and attempt to rape her, and she blacked out after the first few punches (before any violation could occur.) The next thing she knew, she was on the ground…as were the bloody corpses of her assailants. Ontop of the back of the leader, however, was a small, white rabbit, munching on a piece of cabbage that Ama had stolen not too long ago.

In reality, a vigilante saw the plight, and decided to take action. He killed the assailants, and left the scene before he could be pinned with the saving of the girl/the murder of the thugs. At the same time, a rabbit from the near-by market escaped its pen and made its way to the scene of the crime, where it found the cabbage and made itself comfy on the cooling body of the main thug. However, Ama is still a bit soft in the noggin…and assumed, falsely, that the rabbit was the reason for her survival. This evolved into the belief that the Rabbits were more powerful than people realized, and that one day, the Rabbit Lords will come and end the rule of the Humanoids.

She started spreading the word on the street, like a homeless person shouting “The end is near!” This, however, did not attract many converts to her cause. She then looked to the Divine leaders of the city, and observed how they got converts: The followers fought in the honor of their patrons. So, Ama began training herself in the realm of magic, picking up what she knew of her father and applying it to herself. While she was no wizard, she found another source of power…one that decided to toy with her head and appear in the form of a rabbit:

The Feywild. She made a pact with the, and her fate as a Warlock was sealed. She now roams around, in search of anyone in need of a spellcaster, and ready to spout out “The Good Word of the Rabbit Lords.”

As for her personality, the drop on the head is clear in her space-y stare. She can be seen looking at the same spot for hours on end, not moving an inch, until someone metaphorically “shakes her back into reality.” She is a bit slow, both physically and a little mentally, in the sense that she can be convinved that anything is possible…anything is true. Hell, she believes that her father actually loves and cares about her, when in reality those are all standard lies a father tells his love-child. She is very vengeful, at the same time, as any of those who oppose the Way of the Rabbit and mock her goal will face the maddening might of her spells.

In reality, she isn’t preaching anything that is, in itself, evil. She believes that the Rabbit Lords will one day rise from their burrows and rule over the land with an iron paw. At the same time, she believes that all should try to be like the rabbit…Peaceful, Vegetarian, and Open about Sexual Relations, of which she either is (vegetarian and open/honest about sexual relations) or is aiming to be (peaceful). Her preaching does have a twinge of an end-time that all should look out for, and it sounds a lot like some extremist Christians preaching about the “second coming of Christ” as though it’s happening tomorrow. However…she will accept if someone doesn’t agree with her, as long as it’s in a respectful way. She will warn the person that they will be forced to work in the Cabbage Mines for their lack of alliance, but she will let them be. On the other hand, those who make fun of her or make a joke out of her Carrot-filled beliefs will meet her wrath, mostly in the form of prolonged speeches and vengence-tinted attacks.

Amaveram Cuniculum

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